​​​                      Tavares Entertainment, LLC.

Georgia  Licensed  Publishing & Creative Writing Services

TAVARES ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. was founded by Gary Tavares and became a Georgia licensed business in November 2005. Gary is now the CEO and Founder of the company. Feel free to check us out on the Georgia Secretary of State's website under Corporations (control # 0576965) Gary, originally from the Bronx, discovered his natural writing talent in 1993, while living in the Bay Area of California. He started out writing plays, and all four were performed on stage. He took writing courses to sharpen his talent. Gary is now able to write several formats which include: screenplays, books, plays, teleplays, pilots, film trailers, shorts, and web series. His genres include: action, horror, drama, thrillers, true-life and urban. He also is a great poet. Gary wants to help others to have their stories and ideas come to life, by providing these many services, at recession-proof prices. We do far more than just publish books. We can take your book, manuscript, play or idea and convert it into any one of the above-mentioned formats.

Gary Tavares, CEO & Founder


TAVARES ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. strives to provide the entertainment industry with powerful and original works. We will boldly and willingly address issues of any subject matter or genre as long as the content is positive, educational, powerful and with a strong message.