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A Play Written By Gary G. Tavares

This Play deals with the issue of Youth Gang Violence. We go into the lives and homes of two gang members. (Troy Aka Little Tee and James Aka Big Jay) We not only visit their lifestyles but we also go into their minds. Big Jay goes after gang members from a rival gang (The Eastside Gang) for shooting his best friend Little Tee. On his mission and plot for revenge, he gets very powerful and inspirational messages from the people in his life that care. He refuses to listen to any good advice and carries out the plot. Big Jay ends up in prison and his best friend Little Tee ends up in a wheelchair. This play was written in 1993 and performed on stage at the Black Repertory Group Theatre of Berkeley, CA. in 1995. The play was given a good review by Ann Fields of the Berkeley Voice Newspaper. 


A Play written by Gary G. Tavares

This play looks at the issue of Spousal Abuse. Patricia Robinson meets a man who she believes to be her Knight in Shining Armor. The man's name is Andre. Once they get married, he begins to physically and mentally abuse her. Patricia's friends and family do all they can to help and support her. However Patricia is in denial and refuses to leave her abusive husband Andre. The abuse continues to escalate until Patricia snaps and kills him. She gets arrested for killing him and actually ends up doing time. This play was performed in 2000 and brought back for an encore presentation in 2001. It was performed at the Egypt Theatre of Oakland, CA. both times. The play inspired me to write the movie version which is called, Deceptive Vows (2005) and the novel version, Deceptive Vows, published and released in 2010. This play was given a good review by Portia Anderson of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper. (National Black Newspaper of the Year, Best of the Bay and Best Newspaper) 

“MAMA IT’S MY BABY!”(1999)

A Play Written By Gary G. Tavares

This Play deals with the issue of Teen Pregnancy. Latisha, a sixteen year old, gets pregnant by her boyfriend Darryl. Darryl leaves California and moves to New York when he hears the news. Latisha's best friend Pam, who was a teen mother herself, tries to help Patricia get through her situation. Her mother also tries to help her through her situation. However she feels Latisha is about to walk through the revolving door that she went through when she was about her age. The play shows how this vicious cycle of teen pregnancy can destroy families and dreams. This play was performed at the Black Repertory Group Theatre in Berkeley, CA. 


A Play Written By Gary G. Tavares

This play is about fed up people, in a crime-ridden community, coming together and fighting for their streets. Prostitutes, bums, gangs and thugs have taken over this once beautiful and quiet community. One elderly neighbor (Ms. Harris) refuses to give into the thugs or show fear to them. She was there well before many of them were even born. She convinces Mr. Powell, a neighbor, to try to organize a Neighborhood Anti Crime Force (NACF) At first the neighbors are very fearful and laugh at Mr. Powell and Ms. Harris. Some angry gang members fire bomb Ms. Harris' apartment and nearly cause her death. When the neighbors see how determined Ms. Harris is they do form the NACF. They must join together and put all their differences aside to become a coalition against the thugs. This play was performed at the Berkeley Black Repertory Group Theater.